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Energy rating is more than being ‘green’, interested in saving energy and environmentally friendly. Newly built homes and houses for sale or for let must now, by law, have certificates stating how energy efficient they are. is an easily searchable and extensive database of BER assessors in Ireland. It helps home owners or their agents find BER assessors in their area, and it helps BER assessors who have added their details to the website to be easily contacted by potential clients. BER assessors are searchable by name as well as by county.

Building Energy Rating (BER) certificates were phased into Irish building legislation between 2007 and 2009 and are set to become a more and more important part of building, buying, selling or leasing a home. Under the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive the energy performance of a home must be visible to prospective buyers and tenants.

It is the responsibility of the home owner to hire a BER assessor to assess the house’s energy rating and duly certify it. BER assessors also work with estate agents, letting agents, solicitors and other professionals involved in the property market with an interest in acquiring BER energy ratings for buildings they have on their books. takes the hassle out of finding a BER assessor with its easy to use search facility, linking assessors with property owners in minutes.

A BER is similar to the energy ratings for domestic appliances such as fridges. Once assessed a house is given one of 15 ratings between A1 to G, with the rating of A1 being the most energy efficient and G being the least efficient. Although BER certificates are not required by people living in their own homes or for homes already leased out, hiring a BER assessor to rate a house for energy efficiency is also of benefit to these groups. Having a BER certificate that shows that a home has a low energy efficiency rating can help people improve energy savings and make their house ‘greener’.

The new BER new enforcement means that people can take the building’s energy efficiency into mind when considering renting or buying the property – or negotiating the price they are willing to pay to lease or purchase a home.

Potential buyers or tenants can also verify a building’s BER certificate online through SEI’s website by inputting the property’s BER number (available from the BER certificate) or MPRN is the ESB meter no for a building (available on an electricity bill).

BER is a new industry in its own right, with thousands of construction professionals having undergone training as BER assessors to meet the demand for BER certification for new builds and properties that are on the market, or available to rent.

Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) has been designated as the issuing authority with responsibility for the registration of BER assessors, logging of BER assessments and the overall administration of the BER Scheme.

The website also provides information about BER training courses to those interested in forging a new career as a BER assessor.

BER certificates are valid for 10 years unless considerable alterations have been made to a building which could have either a positive or negative impact to the property’s energy rating.


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